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To Bless the Space Between Us

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

My love letter to you.

Dear Love,

I had a desire to share a moment with you - One that will meet you exactly where you are - If not now, later, so read on. This moment occurred during a particularly difficult time in my life.

A time whose details don't matter.

But the lesson is important -

The sweet freedom we all crave is possible.

Even in difficult times.

You know those times when something big is happening?

And you feel

completely in control...


completely out of control...

all at the same time?

Yeah, this was one of those times.

A period marked by hope and despair all at once.

Countless feelings at each side of the spectrum.

👉 I recall telling a trusted confidant I was in a time of transition.👈

That confession alone felt big to reveal.

She was a beautiful spiritual leader.

And in her presence, I felt free.

Freedom to be myself.

I started to open up more.

Starting with facts. Then feelings.

And she was a beautiful spiritual leader.

In her presence, I felt free.

Freedom to continue to be myself.

I began to express more, with accuracy and honesty.

Express how it felt to be in this transition.

I saw an image. I still see it today.

I'm describing it to you as I described it to her:

It felt as if I were in a waiting room.

The feeling of nervousness.

Of anticipation.

Of dread.

Of wonder.

Of fear.

Yet it wasn't a waiting room.. I saw a hallway.

I went on to describe my experience in more detail.

Doors lined up and down the hallway. It wasn't wide or narrow. It just was. Not dark, not bright.

Not joyful, not sad. It just was.

As my words came

I leaned in more and more into simply expressing what I felt, what I experienced, what I knew in my soul to be true.

The hallway felt like a liminal space.

It wasn't a heady description, it was a visceral one.

I felt like I was in between.

Not knowing what any of the doors held behind them.

But also not caring. *I* just was.

And being with her, a beautiful spiritual leader.

In her presence, I felt free.

Freedom to continue articulating what was true for me.

What happened was this:

In that moment I felt safe expressing my true and authentic experiences outloud.

Even if my words made no sense to another.

I felt a freedom that is difficult to describe.

Yet I'll try:

It was as if the world expanded in front of me. Inviting me into a place I knew in my soul was already there -

but fear had kept me locked from it.

But here, in this space, I started to feel a freedom.

The space she held for me wasn't contrived or created. It just was.

Sort of like that hallway.

And in her warmth, her silence, her eyes, she invited me into it.

It was a freedom like none other.

A freedom to be more of me, not less.

As I talked,

I didn't care about expressing my experience in the "right" way.

I cared only about expressing my experience in an authentic way.

Because somehow, it was clear to me:

When I speak from my own authentic truth, clarity comes.

Even if it is never understood by another.

There is magic in that dance.

The detached freedom that comes from knowing I'm clear about what is true and authentic for me. And sharing it, speaking it, putting it out there -

even if it's not understood by another.

What I want you to know, dear love, is this:

When you give yourself the gift of turning inward -

to your own truth

to your own desire

to your authentic being

you are turning to your divine light within.

To a source of truth and power that is inextinguishable.

To source of energy that can only multiply, never divide.

Your freedom resides inside.

1. Turn into it, not away.

2. Surround yourself by people who -

like this spiritual leader -

hold you in your liminal space.

And all the spaces in between.

Ask you not to be less of who you truly are, but more.

3. Know that you are not alone.

You may feel it.

4. Journey with the people who assure you otherwise.

Brave soul, we need more of you, not less.

You got this. I promise.


If you want to experience of:

❤️ Turning in towards yourself, not away.

❤️ Being with people who ask for MORE of your authentic self, not less.

❤️ Knowing, truly, you are NOT alone.

❤️ Journeying with people who assure you that you ARE held in deep connection.

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