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That pain you're experiencing right won't last, I promise.

It all started April 27, 2022, with no audience, no readers, no agenda.

I started a weekly email.

Simply because I felt called.

To remind you -

Everything you need is within.

So I listened to my gut.

I had no idea or plan as to what it would turn into.

I kept grounded in the mission to remind you -

Everything you need is within.

Since that first email, I've not only written weekly to spark your soul, I've had a small part in turning up the fire inside so many people. I've created...

  • Spiritual Bootcamp - a hand-crafted 6 week live course to turn up the fire inside you (thank you, Tracey Wilkinson!)

  • Mastermind Groups - a monthly container for high achieving business owners to keep their business focused and their souls fed

  • Meditation Made Easy - an online course to increase your calm

And today, at the moment of this post.

I felt so empty. That I had hit the bottom of a well -

and found it dry.

Like my creative energy was on hold. And then I went back to my very first email.

And felt called to share it -

With myself.

And you.

Because inside you IS a fire.

And plenty of creative juice as well. Let's do this.


April 27, 2024

To my first subscriber.

And now to you -


Sweet soul,

Breathe with me for a moment.


You and I.

In and out.

The miles between us, but connected in breath.

I feel you in my heart.

And I know I am in yours. 💗

Let me ask:

Where did you find yourself early this week?

Come Easter Monday, perhaps you entered it full of joy.

Eager and excited.

Ready to tackle the world.💪

Or perhaps you were already out of steam.

Busy with the pulls and draws the world is begging of you.

Like the tug of a young child pulling on a skirt hem or pant leg, but absent the joy of a precious young face looking back up at you.

However you entered into this week, I invite you into the simplicity of being just where you are in this moment.

The joys or sorrows that carried you in - or that you are feeling now - will not last.

Burdens and delights will trade spaces in your body, and back again.

Worries and fears will dissipate, and rise up once more.

They just will.

And you are capable of navigating it all.

For just a moment,

I invite you to lay it all down.

Just be with me now.


And feel the fullness of this moment.

Know you are held in your entirety.

Loved fully for who you are.

And for all that you bring.

How you entered this week will not last.

But the core inside you will.

The fire that is burning still.🔥

Burning bright, smoldering low, it matters not.

It's in you.

I feel it.

Do you feel it too?

Connect. Breathe. Know it is there.

I do.

Wherever you are in this moment, in this week -

You got this. I promise.




That's the type of weekly inspiration I've given for 2 years. And continue to give.

I've grown my offerings since then.

What remains is this -

A deep knowing that

No matter where you have been

Or what you have been through.

There is a light so bright within you

That it can never be extinguished.

Whatever has you spinning today -

Will not stay.

That I promise.

Get yourself over to my email community (scroll down and pop your name in). Where you'll be inspired.

And loved.

And held.

You got this.



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