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Spiritual      Bootcamp.

Registration is closed.

Become a better leader.

Almond Blossom

Improve your leadership skills at home and work as you master the four quadrants of the time-tested Emotional Intelligence framework. Learn it classically, yet empathetically through the unique lens of pastoral care expert, Tracey Wilkinson.

Revitalize your energy.

End the drain now. Boost your energy as you learn how to get OFF the merry-go-round of exhaustion in your most difficult relationships.

Orange Blossom

How it works.

6 live sessions.

Carefully crafted content.

Beautifully guided facilitation.


In our Zoom classroom.

October Spiritual Bootcamp Dates

🗓️ All 6pm - 730pm Mountain Time.🗓️
Tuesday, October 10

Thursday, October 12

Monday, October 16

Thursday, October 19

Monday, October 23

Thursday, October 26

(click here to convert the timezone)

(don't worry if you can't attend all)


Join from anywhere with our online classroom

Live, real-time and interactive not your "cozy up and watch a video" type of experience

Expertly facilitated, we go deep at just the right pace

Carefully integrated group time for guided discussion and reflection

Hand crafted curriculum based on years of group and 1:1 facilitating, leading and teaching

collaborate and connect in our small class size

join from anywhere with our online classroom

diffuse conflict at work and home

increase joy with relationships and work

Unleash your inner calm and reset your soul.

Learn deeply about the 4 Emotional Intelligence quadrants so you can take back control of your relationships

Engage in spiritual-style learning (we bring our expertise in soulful gatherings) so you feel nurtured and nourished

Connect with each other - 1:1 and in small group so you experience the safer intimacy you crave



Join our intentionally small group via our virtual classroom for an engaging 6-session class to educate your mind and replenish your soul.


(Bragging isn't our thing, but take other's words for it - we sure know how to facilitate learning.)

"Tracey helped me to learn to listen to my wife and children and to share with them rather than thinking I have to be strong and have all the answers. Now I'm much closer with my family."

"Ashley was so thoughtful and was positive even when offering suggestions for doing something differently.

I wish all my learning
experiences had been so positive

(Helping you fly.

Now that's our thing.)

Your expert guides.

Tracey Wilkinson.jpg

Led by Tracey Wilkinson,
Co-creator, Facilitator and Core Faculty at Gardner & Grace.

Tracey has so many letters we can put behind her name - she holds a Master of Arts from Union Theological Seminary in New York, a master's in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, she is ordained through the Unitarian Universalist Association and is a Certified Clinical Pastoral Care Educator. She has worked in hospice, pastoral care, healthcare...and even finance and art. What we love most about Tracey is that through all of her expertise and knowledge, she is just so accessible. She helps draw out in the most unassuming ways all the things that are already within you. That's at the core of what we do at Gardner & Grace, and Tracey is leading the way.


Led by Ashley Johnson, Founder & CEO at Gardner & Grace.

Ashley is a credentialed faith educator, trainer of blue-ribbon sexuality education curriculum and successfully defected from a Fortune 100 career for good in 2023.

Let's compare



I mean, not a bad choice. If you do go this route, check out The Power of Empathy on the Masterclass website.


One of the downsides is you're solo, alone, in front of your computer. We're wired to connect. And I prefer to see you live, but you do you.


(No, I don't get a commission from Masterclass!)



Best. Deal. Ever.

9 hours - NINE - of dedicated, live time with Rev. Tracey Wilkinson + Ashley Johnson is well worth the price of admission.

We will guide, hold, love and support you as you build your toolbox.

You'll get tools to improve your relationships at home and work - cutting down strife and friction.


And the connection you make will help you tap into the peace within for lifetime.


Our hourly rates are more than the entire class - it's an incredible value!



Harvard Extension has some great classes - even on EQ. If you want to drop $2600 for fewer contact hours, less instructor time and without the connection only Tracey and Ashley can bring - go for it.

(No, I don't get a commission from Harvard Extension either!)

A little more.

Reduce your reactivity when you learn this two-word framework.
Succulent plants

So much buzz about Emotional Intelligence, yet no one does it quite like this. Tracey has been teaching professionals for years, and you'll benefit from her deep wisdom yet accessible style. You'll learn what EQ is, why it matters and well, if you even have it. This alone will change your life!

The one core skill you need to create better relationships - and how to improve it.

It all starts here. Listening to ourselves and to others changes how we think, act, behave and perceive the world. Ashley dubs this Holy Listening, or Wholly Listening, if that resonates more fully. However you interact with it, Listening to yourself and others is the core of freedom.

Practical strategies to reduce noise and increase calm.
Wet grass

You'll leave with solid strategies that you can use in your day-to-day life to return to the wellspring of peace within you. We'll explore and practice them in the safety of community, while ensuring you know how to them home into your day-to-day life. At Gardner & Grace, we love a good "both and".

The facts.
You know you want in.

(we want you in too).

  • Zoom Classroom

  • Intentionally small group size

  • Requirements: Internet connection, Zoom, Earphones, An open heart

  • Due to our intentionally small class size, all sales are final, no refunds after purchase.

October Spiritual Bootcamp Dates

🗓️ All 6pm - 730pm Mountain Time.🗓️
Tuesday, October 10

Thursday, October 12

Monday, October 16

Thursday, October 19

Monday, October 23

Thursday, October 26


(click here to convert the timezone)

"Suddenly you stand on completely strange ground

    and a new course of life has to be embraced."

[October 2023 class]

Is this live or recorded?



Is this in person or virtual?

100% virtual classroom.

Where is Bootcamp?

Virtual classroom on Zoom. Link will be provided after registration and payment.


Will it be recorded?

No. To ensure a feeling of emotional safety for all, we will not record the sessions.

What will you cover?

Ways to deepen your relationship and increase your connection - more freedom, more peace, more calm. We go deep into the four Emotional Intelligence quadrants. Bring in ritual, videos, music. You'll leave with practical tools, more confidence and deeper connections.


Who is Spiritual Bootcamp for?

Heart-centered high achievers (at home or at work) who know the value of connection, leading, learning and loving. All genders, orientations, races and religions are welcome here.

Who is Spiritual Bootcamp NOT for?

If you are closed-minded to spiritual growth, balk at inclusivity, think families need to look as certain way, are anti-queer or otherwise closed-hearted, Spiritual Bootcamp is not for you. If you seek to change others instead of yourself, Spiritual Bootcamp is not for you. If you cannot be open to another's point of view, Spiritual Bootcamp is not for you. If you are unwilling to be changed, be open and be loving Spiritual Bootcamp is not for you.


Are there scholarship opportunities?



One for teachers.
One for people who have experienced trauma of any kind.
You won't need to tell your story - you just need to ask to if the scholarship is available.

When are classes held?

🗓️ All 6pm - 730pm Mountain Time.🗓️
Tuesday, October 10

Thursday, October 12

Monday, October 16

Thursday, October 19

Monday, October 23

Thursday, October 26


(click here to convert the timezone)

What if I can't attend all sessions?

Worry not and come anyway!

We'll have materials put into a portal for you to review.
We know how to have the group re-enter together each time, so it will feel like you didn't miss a thing!

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