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Tap back into your inner calm + creativity with this one 3-letter word and how to use it correctly :)

Updated: Jun 14

One 3-letter word can't change it all.

Can it?

Of course it can.

Truth is, we are chronically starved of:

Inner peace Creativity The spark within us

And there is one word that starts to stir what is already in you -

Ready for it?


No, that's it. 😂

The word is Yes.

Without getting deeper - About things like how this...

  • taps us back into our intuition

  • brings us closer to our true desires

  • comforts us in our own bodies

Trust me.

Find ONE thing today to SAY YES TO.

Something that...

  • feels good to say YES to

  • is maybe indulgent

  • you probably would have said NO to, but given this exercise, you realize it's a YES

Need some examples? Maybe you say..

Yes! I'll go to Vivid with you! (omg, I'm clearly homesick for Australia!)
Yes! I'll lead that meeting.
Yes! I'll go for coffee with you.
Yes! I'm taking a bath tonight - you put the kids down.
Yes! I'm going on a walk with the dogs (and it's gonna be a loonnnggg one).
Yes! I'm going out of my way to get my favorite chocolate

(which BTW, omg have you tried Hu chocolate? I. Am. In. Love. The chocolate is like none other - perfect texture and % dark. And the flavors they mix in - who comes up with that?!. Not to mention it's all super sustainable, organic and no cane sugar. I honestly can eat one a day. Okay, I honestly eat one a day. It's not inexpensive, but so so so worth it. So worth it. I say YES to Hu! Maybe that's your thing today!

Okay, unexpected chocolate rant over -

PLEASE say YES to something today.

  • It stirs your fire 🔥

  • Stokes your creativity 🌟

  • Brings joy to you and others 😺

The world needs it.

Hit me up and tell me what you said YES to. (Email community, you know the drill - hit reply. I LOVE hearing from you! Not in my email community? Join me. Put your name in the box below. You belong here).

You got this. I promise.



P.S. And if you're one of my guys - I got a special (and uh, opposite!) message for you --> watch here.

I recommend products I enjoy. I earn commissions from my sponsored links. (Which I also enjoy! So thank you!)

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