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Stop draining your energy with this one simple strategy.

There are two words that drain your:

  • Energy.

  • Happiness.

  • Drive to complete your soul's mission in life.

And you use them sooooooooooo often.

I promise you, you do.

This one simple strategy will bring back your:

  • Energy

  • Joy

  • Freedom


It starts with being aware of the two tiny words you are saying:

"I can't."

That's it.

Those two tiny words are sabotaging you.

So let's stop, eh?

This trick is super simple and I guarantee will enable you to feel more:

  • Energized

  • In control

  • Free from external pressures.

Do this simple trick.

1. Pull out a pen

2. And paper

3. Tick off every time you catch yourself saying

"I can't"

"I can't meet you for dinner" (tick)

"I can't be on time to save my life" (tick) "I can't drive you to that appointment" (tick)

Do the big ones too:

"I can't chase my dream to work at (fill in the blank), I make too much money here". (tick)

"I can't get a divorce. It doesn't matter that everyone is miserable, I can't leave. (tick, tick)

And maybe you've got ones that you think no one else is going through, like this one that someone recently shared with me:

"I can't open up my marriage. Can I? I mean, what?! He asked me to do that and my head is spinning." (tick)

Then stop.

  • I'm not asking you to DO any of those things.

  • I'm not even asking you to change your language.

  • I'm asking you to write down every time you say "I can't"

That's it.

Because the reality is -

When you begin to realize -

that save the laws of physics -

there is very little you CAN'T do.

Yet when you talk like you CAN'T, you are:

  • Dis-empowering yourself

  • Over-empowering others

  • Creating your own cocktail recipe for resentment and anger

Today, just tick off how many times you say "I can't".

1? 10? 200?

It doesn't matter.

Just tick it.

The simple strategy of bringing awareness to what you are doing is enough to feel freedom.

Got it?

If you're in my email community, hit reply and do what I asked :) If you're not yet in my my email community, join me. Fill out the form below and get weekly insider tips for simple strategies for slowing down. Because when you do, your life is more free, more connected and more at peace.

You got this. I promise.



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