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Meditation is a way of life

Updated: May 20, 2023

Meditation is a way that I have come into the knowing of myself, and into knowing and being in relation to you. When I listen to you, I listen with my whole body. It is my gift to you. It is the gift to me from source. When I listen to you, it is source talking to source. Source listening to source. We are one. You feel heard and understood because you are. There is no shedding that needs to be done when our souls are connected. When my heart is attuned to yours, we are one. We always have been and we always will be.

In meditation, we find the opportunity to access that which is already within us. To drop the shield that separates you from me.

It is useful to note that my body, a gift in its own right, is its own entity. I choose to freely give and I choose to freely receive through my vessel. While there is no separateness between us at our core, there is a holy separateness between our bodies. Coming into an understanding of my body - and how it relates to an understanding of your body - is sacred work. Through meditation I begin to have an understanding of my own body. This is the first step in understanding yours. Until then, confusion arises. What is mine? What is yours? Centering ourselves to our core - through our bodies - brings us into deeper connection with physical being, which is simply a conduit to our inner core.

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