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Peaceful connection

Updated: May 20, 2023

Meditation is the foundation to peaceful connection within your own body.

We first must calm our sympathetic nervous system. Sheer breath is the natural way to overcome anxiety. Anxiety and fear are our body’s natural responses to stressors. The breath, our source of life, nourishes us. Calms our sentient body. Restores our capabilities to reconnect with what is inside. Our deep sense of inner knowing is always accessible to us. Always.

Meditation slows our mind downs. Relaxes our muscles and restores us to our inner knowledge.

At first, however, meditation can have the opposite effect. Anxiety can increase, the breath quicken and shallow, and muscles tense.

There is no shame in this. And beating oneself up for a natural body response is not necessary or warranted. Instead, be assured that the inner knowing is still there, whether you mentally know it or not. You ability to sense it viscerally or not at this moment is irrelevant to its existence. It is definitively, without zero doubt, inside you.

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