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Don't give up. Do this instead.

Updated: May 5

I unceremoniously walked up my back steps - dogs in tow.🐶 🐶

And suddenly felt the sun hit my back

in a way that warmed my entire soul.

It wasn't a run-of-the-mill, feel-good warmth.

It was the kind of warmth that brings on the beginning of a slow thaw.

My entire body started to heat up, making it feel like every stress - every worry

every doubt

was fading away.

Then I did something...weird.

I didn't stay there. Instead, I turned away from what felt good

(heavenly, actually)

And put my face to the sun.

In one auto-pilot move,

I turned away from the blessed feeling of melting stress -

To a position that I thought might (could, should) feel even better.

Or perhaps I was unaccustomed to metabolizing what feels good.

One simple choice

I was conscious enough (thank you, meditation practice) to be aware of what I was doing. I stopped.

I listened to my body.

And turned my back towards the beating sun.

I didn't care how weird it looked to just stand there.

Dogs on leads, looking perplexed.

While I faced nothing but a closed screen door just an arm's length away.

And stood.

I felt the sun permeate my body. I felt my two biggest worries start to fade. And oddly (or not), I felt a gentle push.

A small whisper to Keep going

A push from behind. A quiet, warm force saying

"Keep going".

Quite literally, I felt my body being moved forward. I nudge I needed.

"Keep going"

Regardless of how much my body resistance I felt

To doing what my body needed most.

Do this super simple task today.

Today, I want you to do one simple task.

There is something in your life right now that feels easier to not do.

And I'm asking you to do it.

Kinda like my standing with my back to the sun.

My body needed it,

and it felt easier to ignore it. Yet I turned around and did it. I listened to what my body needed.

I don't know what it is exactly for you.

But it probably sounds something like:

  • It's easier for you NOT to ask for something small at home - like for someone else to unload the dishwasher

  • It's easier for you NOT to ask for a schedule change at work - even if it's as minor as logging on 15 minutes later than you normally do.

  • It's easier for you NOT to take that "next best action" on that project you're dreaming of (your book, your writing, your business goal, your relationship)

  • It's easier for you NOT to get clear about your desires and needs, instead you prioritize others.

Whatever feels easier to NOT to do,

I'm asking you to do it. ASK for the dishwasher to be unloaded ASK for a schedule change TAKE the next best action

GET CLEAR about your desires

Do that tiny thing that feels easier NOT to do. Got it?

👇 Want more? 👇

  1. Right click or long press on the photo.

  2. If saving it to your desktop, title it "I'm worth it". Keep it on your desktop as a reminder.

  3. If you're on your phone, save it in your photo reel. Let it pop up as a memory! And/or save it as your homescreen.

  4. Or print it out and display it

However you engage with it,

Use it as a reminder. To just be.

In this moment.

On your path.

I took it myself On the same day I felt that nudge from behind.

To keep going.

Towards my own dreams.

When you see it,

remind yourself.

"My dreams are worth it."

"I am worth it."

Even if it feels easier NOT to.

Because the truth is

You are whole.

And holy.

And worth every bit of whatever lies in front of you.

And no one gets to tell you you're not not.

No one.

Sit in what feels just a little bit hard.

Let the sun warm you.

Feel the gentle nudge ahead.

Go for your dreams.

You're worth every bit of the work it takes to get there.

All my love for you,


P.S. If you're in my email community, tell me what the one thing you did was that felt easier NOT to. If you're not yet in my email community, join us! 1x a week. Pure love. No BS. Scroll down and pop your email in.

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