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Addressing our attention

Updated: May 20, 2023

Addressing our attention to one task at a time can seem impossible. We are pulled, distracted, yanked someplace else. Our attention is attractive. It is valuable. So much so, it is monetized. How many people will pay to have your attention on them - commercials, sales people, opinions, friends, co-workers, family. Remembering we have free will about where we put our attention would serve us well.

While we are wired to respond to the world around us, to give, to receive, to translate the input around us; we have more power and capacity to make choices about where we put our attention that we may even believe. Returning to the breath to slow us down can be a first step. To bring a moment of space, a moment of choice between giving our attention to something - or not. And it is a joyous challenge.

Over time, more and more space can come between a stimulus and our response. Learning to draw our attention where we choose is a thrilling and peaceful experiment all at the same time. In the beginning, it is enough to just a take breath. Let us breathe.

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