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When we are well

Updated: May 20, 2023

There is a power that arises from the practice of listening. It is undeniably one of the greatest experiences available to us. When we listen deeply to others, we exit our egos, our minds, and drop fully into a connected source beyond our physical experience. We feel a deeper sense of relationship, of love, of wholeness. Hard enough as it is, listening to others is a lifelong skill and practice. It is a gift we give others. And in turn, we receive.

There is another gift we were given. Quieter, deeper; a rumbling, a wave, a stirring. It is the gift we receive when we accept and harness our ability listen to ourselves. It is a listening as deeply as if we were listening to another, for in a sense we are. When we fully listen to ourselves, we quiet our mind, our egos, and connect to a source that is both within us and beyond us.

Stay with me as I co-create with my own knowing, my own being to deliver time-tested tools to help you start on your journey of wholeness and reconnection with that is already in you. For now, start by simply slowing down.

Use The Pause technique today. Then let me know how it goes!

These simple strategies will build over time. You got this. I promise.

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