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We are one

Updated: May 20, 2023

The differences between you and me are slight. From the mind's vantage point, they can seem so big. I understand.

When you rift and rip. When you pick and pull. When you act in ways that create an us and them, I feel it. It took years to realize the pain I describe was not sadness because I didn’t belong. It was sadness because I do belong. We all belong. I feel sadness because I feel a universal tear. We are tearing ourselves apart. When negativities arise from us; when hatred erupts from us; it can be felt. It’s not a pain that is mine. It is a pain that is ours. I used to think what I felt was empathy. It is not. It is an inner connectivity to the larger fabric of life. My feeling sorry isn’t sorrow for the victim of the crime. For they are able to take care of their own and know that they are cradled in love. My sorrow is for the universal tear that was created. And for the perpetrator who is disconnected from their core. The only way through this is love.

Staying connected to our inner most core. To calm our minds and still ourselves. To love ourselves more. To love you more. There is no other way but to love.

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