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The power of listening

Updated: May 20, 2023

Our minds and bodies were designed to listen. A sped up mind cannot. A sped up mind is focused on one thing - ego gratification. In this state, we cannot listen. We cannot listen to ourselves and we certainly cannot listen to one another. This puts us at a significant disadvantage for obtaining peace and calm. The power of listening cannot be understated. Listening opens a door to our own inner knowing, it provides us with increased relaxation, settling in. It establishes a place from which we can respond. Reactivity is no longer heightened or even necessary. Listening encompasses several modalities - our ears, our bodies, and our souls. A whole body listening - a Wholly Listening - is the same as a Holy Listening. It is from this state of being able to receive - calmly, quietly, openly - that we are able to give. Our biggest impact is made when we are able to listen with our whole and holy bodies.

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