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Your body is not your enemy

Updated: May 20, 2023

One of the images I like to use is that of a tuning fork. We are receivers of data and information. Our minds, our bodies, our senses are knowing. It would be inappropriate to believe that the wisdom that resides within us already is unreliable. Unreliability comes from disconnecting ourselves deeply from our own wisdom. The further and further we move from our inner knowing, the more and more we begin to rely solely on the inputs of the mind or others.

Data, regardless of where it comes from, is simply data. It is neither good nor bad. It just is. Relying solely on one source, specifically the sources that are disconnected from our own knowing, can be problematic for a peaceful way of life. Discernment around, and the uncovering of, what is it our truthful knowing, what is someone else’s, and is the universe’s is a useful endeavor.

When we think of ourselves as a tuning fork, we can imagine ourselves as the strong metallic shaft. The being that we are and the unbreakable and unshakable source of well-being. Through the inputs of the world outside of us, we are connected through frequencies. We tune in or we tune out. Our inner core does not change.

The inputs coming through our bodies create senses and experiences. And ones that are rightful to acknowledge. Living in reaction to those inputs is exhausting. Doing so puts us at odds with our own bodily experiences.

Meditation is simply a way to return to the center.

The journey to that center goes through the body. And a body that is conditioned to disconnect from that center is simply that - conditioned. The body is not getting in the way of our accessing our core, and it would be inappropriate to think of it that way. The body response is neither good nor bad. It just is. You are here because you were seeking something different. I assure you there is something different in the wellspring of peace inside you. Do not force yourself through your body‘s responses to past inputs. Rather, in the beginning, it is enough to hear that there is inside to you undeniable and unshakable source of truth and goodness.

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