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Recharge and reconnect with this super simple trick.

It's super simple.

There's someone out there who needs to hear your voice.

Someone whose world would be so much better with your...

  • wisdom

  • compassion

  • point of view

I'm not talking about your surface level fixing Or your heady knowledge.

I'm talking about a soul conversation.

Simply put:

There is someone out there right now ~

who needs their soul awakened by yours.

And you're capable of doing it.

Maybe that person is...

  • A child in your life

  • Your neighbor

  • Someone you used to work with

I absolutely know this to be true - One of the reasons you are on this earth is to influence another - just by being you.

By offering the small gifts of your soul's voice.

Will you show up today?

My ask is not what you think -

I'm not asking you to show up for another directly.

I'm asking you to show for yourself.

Before you can truly give to others, you have to tend to you -

To that small, quiet voice stirring within you.

It's there. I promise. It is...

  • Wise

  • Kind

  • Gracious

  • Eternal

And you're probably so accustomed to tuning it out. We all are.

Yet when you work to reconnect to it, you

  • experience the elation of reconnecting to yourself and your desires

  • enjoy much deeper relationships with those you love...or even reconnecting with those you once loved (maybe just on a different level)

  • feel the freedom only possible from tapping into the divine spark within

Please, reconnect with yourself today. Put your own oxygen mask first. Tend to that voice within -

So you can give from a wellspring of freedom -

Which changes your life and theirs.

It can be as simple as...

  • Holding a cup of hot tea in your hands

  • Walking around the block

  • Wishing on a star - for something YOU desire

I don't care how silly or small it is.

Because I know with absolutely certainty that

The smallest steps lead to the biggest change.

If you're in my email community, tell me - what simple thing did you do for yourself today?

If you're not yet in my email community, join us. Click on the "daily dose" above and pop me your email addy. Once a week, pure love, no BS.

You got this. I promise.

All my love for you,


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