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Make massive change: focus on this.

There is something you want to change.

It doesn't need to be objectively massive to feel massive.

Maybe it's

  • Cleaning out the basement

  • Organizing your iPhone photos

  • Or objectively big...divorce, change jobs or move.

Here's what I know to be true, and you do too:

The smallest actions are the most powerful.

You don't have to make grand, sweeping actions to put massive change into motion.

Remember - it's the small hinges.

That swing the heavy doors.

For today, I'm asking you to -

Focus on the hinge, not the door.

Just for today.

Right now.

In this moment.

Ask yourself:

What is the next "best action" I can take?

Hold on.


Don't be distracted by the inevitable chatter of your mind.

❌ What does the door even represent? Have I defined it?

❌ If so, how do I know what actions are the "next best ones"?

❌ If not, I better start defining it.



Get clear.

Either by focusing on what you've already established as your next step.


By breathing in (and out...2x as long) and leting your intuition guide you for just a bit.

All I want you to do today is focus one small hinge.

That's it.

The smallest actions create the biggest change.

Today, focus on one small hinge.

I'll be here tomorrow. We can tackle the rest then :)

If you're in my email community and want a little support, hit reply to the email I sent today.

If you're not in my email community, what are you waiting for? Pop your name in the form below.

Remember, small actions.

Big results.

Go focus on that one small hinge.

All my love for you as you do.



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