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Loving within

Updated: May 20, 2023

The source of truth lies within us. Ever present glowing. It is a source of truth and life that cannot be erased.

Your body is a vehicle. A vessel. A container. A miraculous one. It senses and feels, receives. It is an input receiver. That’s all your body is doing. Receiving in put, showing you the way, connecting you to source. It is resistance which creates disease. Resistance creates pain. We then respond to what we are feeling, the pain. And rightfully so. The understandable tendency is to manage the pain out, instead of managing the pain through. Yet when we ease into our own knowing, the resistance begins to soften. Breathe with me now. Letting go of the resistance your body is pushing up and out to bolster itself from the burdens upon it. Just let it go. Lay it down. Just for a moment. Relieve your body from the strain of holding the world. Let it down. And breathe. You are whole. You are holy. And you are loved.

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