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How To STOP feeling drained: one simple tool to start TODAY.

I'm on a mission to help you find more peace in your day to day. Simple simple, time-tested spiritual tools you can use right now. You will feel more energized and more enthusiastic at work at home. You have the power inside you. Let's access!

My how-tos come from time-tested, spiritual guidance (learn more about my expertise here). I have taken really big spiritual concepts and stepped out things to give you relief and more energy now. Even if you don't see the connection to the bigger (yet), it is there. I know these work.

As always, no religiosity required, all are welcome. You're meant to be here.

👉 What I want you to do today is this:

1. Get a pen and paper. Seriously, go get a pen and paper.

2. Take a breath (yes, I love starting here for many reasons)

3. Write down the names of 3 people, who after being with, (or WHILE being with), you DO NOT FEEL GREAT.


Is it your spouse?

Cool, I don't care that you're "supposed" to feel differently. Write their name down.

Is it someone from your kid's school or activities? Yeah, I get it. You're supposed to like them too. I don't care. Just write the name down. First name is fine.

Is it YOUR KID? Whoa. That is REALLY taboo to feel that way. Write their name down anyway.

Be brave, write down the names of 3 people who after being around (or while you are around them), you do not feel great.

You are NOT to judge them. You are NOT to judge you. Just get honest.

Write down the names of 3 people who you do not feel great around.

4. Breathe

5. Tear that sheet of paper up.

That is IT.

You've started magic in motion.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity.

You have started absolutely magic in motion. I promise.

Want more?

If you're already in my email community and feeling ready for what's next, hit reply and tell me "I'm ready for what's next". (You don't need a what's next, but I have it if you're ready).

If you're not in my email community, join us! Click here now, then on click on the Daily Dose button up top. Pop in your email. (sorry for the 2x click, I'll work on making that easier!). You'll get weekly wisdom (that will last you all the days of the week, I promise!). Then you can hit reply and get what's next if you're ready!

100% without a doubt I know this: you have resources in you that you aren't accessing. Let's get them out.

All my love for you,


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