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How to keep moving...even when you feel stuck.

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Not so much a memory in my head (although, yes, I do have an image of it)

But a memory in my body.

The lake around me was murky, dark.

No joke, it was called Crystal Lake

(Crystal Lake is a horror movie reference. As a young teen, that fact was not lost on me).

This particular Crystal Lake (there are many) was anything by crystal.

The water matches no color in the Crayola crayon box -

Maybe a mix of these in equal measure: Outer Space, Gray and Pine Green.

Though Crayons give me a sense of joy and possibility, this lake did not.

We swam in this murk.

We canoed in this murk.

We sailed in this murk.

Yes, it was murky.

On this particular day, I was sailing.

Just a little Sunfish - a tiny little sailboat.

It could be captained solo, but if memory serves me right, we always had to have two people on board.

I have no memory of that second person, but I remember how I felt:

The sail in the wind, taut.

Pushing me any which way it desired.

But I knew how to adjust my sails to go where I deemed.

I could maneuver that boat anywhere I wanted by harnessing the wind.

The rudder.

Tight against the water as I picked up speed.

Right, left, straight, I would move it.

Tiny adjustments from my own small hand would send me off course and then on again.

I wasn't in control - I was in freedom.

I know that sounds weird "In Freedom"

But I was

It was.

Freedom came as I sailed and turned and shifted...and capsized and righted myself...and sailed and turned and shifted...

That Free Feeling is immersed in my body.

Still, today.

It keeps me going. It keeps me moving.

I know it's possible. Whatever "it" is. I know it's possible. I know it is possible to harness the power inside you. I know no matter what you have been through or where you "seem" to be heading, to right that ship so that you feel free.

Today, just know that it IS possible to feel free.

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You got this. I promise.

All my love for you,



So perfect for today!

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