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Guest House

Updated: May 20, 2023

This beautiful poem by Rumi, translated by Shahram Shiva, calls us into a deeper understanding that we experience the world around us - we do not control, force or make demands on what is to come. It simply is. And, the choices are ours about what we let stay, what we release, and how we respond to each visitor. Spiritual poetry calls to us. Every time we do read or hear a piece, it will stir us differently. Because we are different every time we read it. And that's okay. In fact, that's growth. What stirs you today when you let Rumi's words, translated by Sharhram Shiva, wash over you?

Listen, oh beautiful soul.

Every day a new feast

comes running into your life.

Always a new experience.

Your body is like a guest house,

receiving company from the hidden world.

Some are positive, some are tragic,

and still others who are frantic.

All mirroring your needs. All showing you ways to expand. All challenging your beliefs.

Whoever that comes from these unseen lands,

receive it without regret.

Welcome all that come to you, with no judgment.

Remember, every visitor, here a short time,

meant only for your growth.

Rumi as translated by Shahram Shiva, visit for more info.

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