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Do this one thing

Updated: May 20, 2023

There is one simple change that will bring you more peace, decreased restlessness, and greater purpose. It will alter your life. Now that's powerful.

Not going to lie, I was really good at it when I was a child. In fact, you were too. That's the good news. We have it in us. I kept it up through my young adult years. Then I lost it. I mean really lost it. That's when anxiety and depression took over. Feeling desperate, I learned the tool again. Recovering and uncovering myself into a more peaceful and happy life. I'm so thankful for one particular teacher and his gentle, loving way of reminding me of this universal tool that is free for the using and showing me how to harness it. Only to... ...lose it again. The result? The familiar loop of depression and anxiety. This time with mortgages, kids, and a marriage in the mix. It seemed insurmountable. Desperate - again - I relearned the tool. This time from a different teacher with a really (I mean really) different style. I was shaken back awake into the power of this tool via sirens and blow horns. Sometimes that's the gift of rock bottom: there are things down there that hurt enough to push us to swim back to the surface to catch some air and find our way back home.

So what is it?


Yeah, I knew you wouldn't like it.

Want some other names behind that claim? Gandhi, The Buddha, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates.

Strange company? Not really.

The first teacher I mentioned was a spiritual one. The second teacher I mentioned was a business one. Two different people, two different purposes, one universal principle. Focus.

The power of focus is undeniable. When we claim this ability, we truly are free. You have the choice of where to land your mind, your hands, your actions. You have the choice to steer them to the best places for your own unique purposes. You have control. If you think you don't, you're selling yourself short. And I don't buy it. It just takes practice.

Today, try one of these three strategies. Then let me know. How did it feel? Was it difficult or easy? Do you need more instruction? Help me help you.

1. Put your phone in a drawer. Can't possibly? Sure you can. 10 minutes. In a drawer. You're going to be okay. You're in control, not your Andriod or Apple. You. Make a choice to take back your focus. Even if for 10 minutes today.

2. Close your tabs. Yeah, you know what I mean - those tabs up there on your browser. Close them. You have one thing to do. Keep one open. One. Multi-tasking is not effective or dare I say "real". Focus. Close your tabs. Worried you'll forget what you were doing? Good. You probably didn't need to be focused on that anyway.

3. Keep your head where your hands are. This is one of my favorites. If you hands are washing dishes, keep you head on the dishes. Look at the bubbles, feel the water. If your hands are maneuvering a fork to put food in your mouth, keep your head on the food and your fork - not what's for your next meal or what's on YouTube on your phone!

Need one more reason? You impact those around you. It's not fun or cute or endearing to be around someone harried and unfocused. Instead, people feel disconnected, unseen, and unimportant. I know. I've caused all those things to happen by being unfocused. If you can't seem to focus for yourself, start by focusing to benefit someone else. We all need a place to start, I'm just asking you to start...and keep practicing.

You got this. I promise.

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