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The spiritual bypass

Updated: May 20, 2023

Slowing the mind down is essential to well being. When our minds are racing, we loose all connectivity to our bodies. We are thinking about our responses, what’s for dinner, who is getting the kids from where. We pull up and out instead of down and in. Using gravity to feel our bodies again can be a useful tool.

Skipping awareness of our body and connecting straight into our core can be an effective short term solution to reach our center, but is not particularly useful in the long run. This is a spiritual bypass, which still leaves us disconnected from one of our most wise sources - our body. In this centering, we invite our bodies to rest in the moment that is now. To feel the muscles under our skin, the tension in our necks, the breath against our noses. Wherever you are, let us just be together in this moment. Centering in is possible for all of us.

Find what works for you. In this moment, temporally distanced from what is around you. Be it your feet on the ground, rooting into the floor. A gentle sway of your hips to reignite a small flame inside. A long breath drawn in from lying down. Wherever you are, you are whole and holy. Breath into the fullness of this moment. And just be.

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