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Super simple strategy for weekend calm

We are chronically sped up.

Our minds.

Our bodies.

Our actions.

Every bit of us is running to

do more

be more

experience more

And the funny thing about it is

as we slow down,

not speed up

we experience the "more"

More joy.

More peace.

More connection.

More possibility.

Put down the to do list

Before you enter into the weekend, ignore the pull to...

📄 catch up on work

🧹 get chores done

🎊 pack more "fun" into your weekend

Put down "go, go, go" energy for half a second.

Choose one of these 3 things

  1. Find something enjoyable to smell.

  2. Take 2 second to feel the food in your mouth.

  3. Find something comforting to look at and make it prominent.


That's it.

Choose one of the three.

It will serve you -

and those around you

Slow down long enough to be

more present to who you're with right at this moment

better able to listen to the person giving you the gift of their time

full in your own cup before filling another's

I promise, slowing down gives you

richer relationships

increased calm

deeper connection

The simplest strategies make the biggest impact.

If you're in my email community, pop a line and tell me which one you chose. If you're not, pop your name in below. You belong here.

You got this. I promise.



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