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Simple Beginner Meditation.

Meditation has incredible benefits.

Yet there are so many forms.

And so many teachers.

Picking one can be overwhelming.

Just start with this...

Easy 2 minute meditation you can do right now.

Step 1: Choose a Quiet Space

Choose a quiet place where you won't be easily disturbed.

Step 2: Decide how you will "sit" & get into position

Sounds ridiculous, but people often bail in meditation at this point. Should they sit? Lie down? Eyes open? Closed. Simply decide how to position your body. You could:

  • Sit a chair with feet flat on the floor

  • Sit on a cushion with the legs crossed.

  • Sit up against a wall

  • Lie down

Step 3: Set a Time Limit

Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Step 4: Notice your breath

Simply pay attention to your breath. Feel the natural rhythm of your breath as you inhale and exhale. If it feels good, close your eyes. If not, you can keep them partially open with a soft gaze. Trust the signals your body gives you.

Step 5: Keep noticing your breath

Your mind will wander. When it does, gently bring your focus back to your breath. When thoughts, sensations, or sounds arise, acknowledge them without judgment, and then return your attention to your breath. The key to mindfulness meditation is non-judgmental awareness. Don't criticize yourself for having a busy mind or getting distracted. It's entirely normal.

Step 6: Trust the process, not a "goal"

Meditation benefits come in the process of doing it, not in an "end goal" accomplished at the end of a meditation session. Trust that the work of bringing your mind back IS the task. Give up the idea that you will have to feel a certain way at the end of the session.

Step 7: End the Session:

When your meditation time is up, gently open your eyes (if they were closed) and take a moment to reorient yourself to your surroundings.

Remember, the goal of meditation is not to eliminate all thoughts or fight them. Just notice and observe them without attachment or judgment. It's a practice that can help increase your awareness, reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and clarity in your daily life.

You got this. I promise.



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