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Shrink no more.

What I know to be true is this:

there is an indistinguishable light inside you, so powerful, so bright and no one can take it away. ✨


That's not hyperbole or poetry.

It's fact.

What I also witness is...

You hide it.

You shrink.

You pull away.

Separating yourself from your core goodness may have provided you short term benefit, but it causes you long term pain.

I'm not here to fix that.

You're not broken. 💔

You do need to re-cover just a little bit more peace in your day-to-day. That I guarantee.

Today, I'm asking you to bring awareness to how you show up. To explore...

How are you hiding your divine light?

I've make it easy for you - I'm sharing 3 archetypes and the tell tale signs of each. Which do you resonate with? Are you...

The constant helper:

  • Quietly listening

  • Not speaking your mind

  • Deferring to someone else

  • Saying "I don't know" ... a lot

The over-analyzer:

  • Credentials pile up on your resume

  • Taking classes is your action

  • Good things happen to other people - what's wrong with that?

  • You use the word "because"... a lot

    • "This situation happened because..."

    • "I'm unhappy because..."

The hero fixer:

  • You have answers...I mean ANSWERS

  • If you don't, it's not a problem that needs to be solved

  • You fix people's problems, but people often don't seem to appreciate it

  • "I don't know" is not in your vocabulary

Just notice today. How do you show up? As the helper? The over-analyzer? The fixer?

Let me be clear - helping, analyzing and fixing are all beautiful things. They are NOT beautiful things when you use them to cover your core goodness. They are NOT beautiful things when you use them to bring less of yourself into this world.

We need YOU.

Exploring which of these telltale ways you hide can bring you so much freedom. Give a pause. Have a thought. Journal. Explore. Then...

👉If you're in my email community already, hit reply and tell me which you show up as. Seriously. If you're not accountable, you won't take action, if you don't take action, nothing will change. Just name it - are you showing up as the helper, the analyzer or the fixer? Tell me. Now.

If you're not in my email community, join. Click here, then on click on the Daily Dose button up top. Pop in your email. (sorry for the 2x click, I'll make it easier for you in the next site update). You'll get weekly wisdom (that will last you all the days of the week). And you can reply and tell me which you're showing up as today!

You got this. I promise.


P.S. Big news on the curriculum front is coming ❤️❤️❤️.

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