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5 words to freedom

I remember exactly how it felt. The smile on my face. A feeling of joy. A weightlessness.

It was like I could breathe again; yet I hadn't even been aware I had been holding my breath.

This is so deceivingly simple.

Don't let it fool you.

5 words and you can experience the freedom too.

It was the moment that I realized:

  • how much power there is in taking action.

  • how taking action can overcome shame, fear, negativity and doubt.

  • actions don't have to be huge - the smallest actions can change the biggest things.

In this particular situation, I had taken the action of sending a fairly big email. The risk wasn't huge, but it felt scary.

I did it anyway. And was so glad that I had done SOMETHING.

Otherwise I would have sat, frozen in fear, for I don't know how long.

And then ...

I realized that - my email had an error.

A small one, yes.

A noticeable one, yes.

A fixable one, no.

What happened next was remarkable to me at the time - and still is today.

I can't really put it into words.

It seems so silly, but it's true.

The power that came from just doing SOMETHING completely overrode any and all would-be negative feelings about doing it "wrong". In fact, when it was pointed out to me I had done it wrong (yeah, that happened), the freedom even multiplied.

This person showed me a mirror of myself from the past: feeling significant discomfort from my choice to send an email at all.

I had - at least in this instance - overcome that. I felt so good that I had made a choice to act - error and all. I felt so free.

So my ask of you is this. If you're feeling fear today, ask yourself:

What action can I take?

It can be so, so, so small.

  • Maybe you're facing debilitating depression and all you can do is brush your teeth today. Go for it!

  • Or perhaps you've been ignoring your need for food and your action is simply eating lunch. Do it!

  • Or saying "I love you". Give it a chance!

  • Or writing your resignation letter (you don't even have to send it). Pull up that doc!

I know you're feeling fear about something. And I know from experience that taking one small action can lead to an incredible feeling of freedom.

It sounds so small.

And it is.

The simple things work.

What action can you take today? If you're in my email community, hit reply and tell me!

If you're not yet - sign up in the footer and get inspiration sent to you 1x a week. No BS, pure love.

You got this. I promise.


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