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4 simple words ❤️ to remind you

Hey -

I felt called to remind you of this today.

Even if you haven't heard me say it 100 times. You know it in your core. And I felt an absolute pull to remind you...

You don't need fixing.


End of story.

There is nothing wrong with you.

There are a thousand messages in a day, telling you otherwise:

  • that unhealthy relationship in your life

  • your own thoughts

  • the fact that things aren't going as you thought they would

There's nothing wrong with you.

So before you

  • believe that person telling you that "you're doing it wrong"

  • believe your OWN thought that "you're doing it wrong"

  • mistake challenges for "you're doing it wrong".

And try to fix yourself.

Remember these 4 words.

You don't need fixing.

You don't need fixing.

You don't need fixing.

Today, I need you to just sit with that truth.

You don't need fixing.

You don't need fixing.

You don't need fixing.

There is a light of love

Of light

Of truth

Living, moving, laying deep within you. Your core is pure.


And whole.

No matter where you've been What you've been through Or what you've done. You are whole. And you don't need fixing.

If you're in my email community, hit reply and tell me you KNOW you don't need fixing. It's so powerful to be witnessed. If you're not in my email community, let's go! You belong here. Pop your email address in below.

You got this. I promise.



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