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3 words to bring back the calm

Here is what I deeply desire for you to know:

You are bold.

You are beautiful.

You CAN do what you're heart and body are calling you to do.


It is safe for you be YOU.


Whoever is in your life telling you:

  • Be different

  • You're not enough

  • Change who you are to make me happy

(Cut them out of your life, BTW)

They're just WRONG.

Use these 3 words to bring back calm.

Today, I'm asking you to just take a breath

And say outloud

"I trust myself"


That's it.

"I trust myself".

No, seriously.


Did you do it?


That's it.

You are enough.

After 10 years of working with children, youth and adults,

I've seen first hand how - and when - people REALLY begin to stop trusting themselves

And abandon their intuition and self knowledge.

There's zero shame in doing so.

And there's zero shame in reclaiming your self.

So if you're at ALL looking to come back into your inner knowing, start with these three words:

I trust myself.

That's it!

And if you're looking for a little more, join my Meditation Miracles course

It is a rapid way into peace, calm and your inner sanctuary.

In my email community? Check your email for my coupon code to Meditation Miracles. Not in my email community, we want you here! You know you do too. Pop your email in below.

You got this. I promise.




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