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3 telltale signs you're ready to move on - and what to do about it

Hey, moving on can feel so hard. Here's how I know you're ready - and what to do about it.

You're feeling...

A WEIGHT that you CAN hold, don’t want to, yet can’t seem to put it down 🏋️‍♂️

The sense that if you could JUST cut the cord you’d release the anchor weighing you down ⚓️

The heaviness of a wet blanket holding you down and when you peel it off, you’ll soar 💦

The good news is you're…

  • 💯 ready to go deeper.

The bad news is you’re…

  • Making choices that are keeping you stuck.

I know that can seem impossible.

You WANT something more.

You DESIRE things to be different.

It can't be true that YOUR choice are keeping you stuck.

I guarantee they are.


The bad news isn’t bad news at all.

The opposite.

When you realize your choices are keeping you STUCK…

You also realize your choices will free you.

It's the most exhilarating

And terrifying realizing

And most people don't want to face that -

So they stay asleep.

But not you.

You're destined for more..

This is one of my most important practices you can do to make freeing changes in your life…

Breath of Life

You know you're ready to make change.

Before you try changing ANYTHING do the Breath of Life practice for one week.

Here's how it goes:


During they day, notice: where are you feeling friction

  • Avoid the desire to make this a thought exercise.

  • Feel into your body - your throat, your legs, your lower back. What part of your body feels tension?

  • What exactly does the tension feel like? Your muscles tightening? Tingling? Describe it. Don't skip this step

  • What is your breath like? Short? Shallow?

SECOND At night

  • Write down the sensations and tensions you felt during the day

  • Write down when you felt them - what were you doing? Who were you talking to? Was it a phone call to mom? Talking to your kids? Going through email?

☝️ Do this for 7 days ☝️

Then on the 8th day...


On the 8th day

  • Notice any patterns.

  • Perhaps each time you went into work, your back seized. When you talked to your partner, your stomach tightened. What patterns do you see?

  • Reflect on the choices you made during those times you felt tension.

  • Did you turn to your phone every time you had a difficult conversation with your spouse? Did you immerse yourself in email instead of sticking with the discomfort of walking into a job you don't like?

  • Acknowledge the bodily sensations, the emotions and the choices you made.

  • Bless them with:

"I'm caring for my body, mind and soul in the here and now. I release what is holding me back. I expand into my gifts, my purpose and my potential."
  • Then let them go - figuratively and literally.

The Breath of Life will do just that - breathe life into where you are stagnant; where you are stuck. Bringing your awareness to your tensions, then patterns, then choices will allow your potential and gifts to unfold more easily.

You got this.

I promise.




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