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3 second reset for calm and clarity

No matter where this finds you, this 3 second reset brings you back into center.

🌟 The simple truth 🌟

Deep within you there is a light

So bright, so big, so beautiful

and it can never be extinguished.


🚫 Yet 🚫

You're pulled and pushed by the day.

The tugs and demands of the world.

The adversities and the worries -

both real and imagined

have a weighty ability to

  • envelope

  • hide

  • shroud

the light within.

🕒 Do this second reset 🕒

Today, I'm asking you to keep it super, super simple

Don't think. Don't write.

Don't push.

Instead, you'll surrender for a moment

to a teeny tiny bit of ...

❤️ Love

😊 Pleasure

🌟 Joy .

How to

Seek and find


that brings you enjoyment today.


  • Seek it

  • Find it

  • Do it.

It sounds simple - AND IT IS.

Don't over think it.

Seek, find and do!

❤️ Inspiration List ❤️

Need some ideas? Pick ONE and do it.

  1. Have a piece of chocolate Eat it s-l-o-w-l-y.

  2. Listen to a child laugh.

  3. Decide to walk the dog. Alone.

  4. Decide to walk the dog with someone.

  5. Ask someone to walk the dog instead - and accept that gift of it!

  6. Stay in your car for another 3 seconds before going into the house.

  7. Take 3 seconds longer in the bathroom than you need.

  8. Say no.

  9. Tie your shoe laces - a little more slowly than you normally would.

  10. Rock your hips back and forth as you sit in your chair.

  11. Acknowledge that something in your life just isn't working.

  12. Acknowledge that it's okay to desire more.

  13. Inhale for 3 seconds and feel the breath against your nostrils.

Or add your own.

This is about DISCOVERING what works for you

And taking ACTION on what does.


You are loved.


You are whole and holy.

No matter what you have done or what you have been through.

And no matter what you are facing today.

Find ONE tiny thing that brings you joy - and do it!

If you're in my email community, reply to my email and let me know what TINY thing brought you joy today. It's okay - in fact necessary for your spiritual health - to feel good. And 3 seconds is simle start. If you're not in my email community, let's go! You belong here. Pop your email address in below.



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