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Meditation Miracles

For Beginners

Lotus Flower
I'm constantly asked:


How do YOU meditate?

How do you keep your mind calm?

What real, actual tools are you using?




Can you teach ME?

Yes, you CAN feel free.


I know definitively that a calm mind enables you to:


  • create deeper relationships - at work and home

  • increase your creativity

  • reduce reactivity

  • make choices that nourish, not deplete


And overall, experience:

  • increased joy

  • decreased stress

  • freedom from strife - no matter what is happening in the world around you

Freedom from strife is available - now.


Meditation truly does create freedom.

Regardless of what is happening around you.

That is one of the reasons I love it so much - it empowers YOU to take charge of your mind, which enables you to take charge of your world.


Trick is, meditation requires a guide who:


  • Has done it before you (not just someone who AI'd a course in Chat GPT!)

  • Understands the body doesn't always feel safe "going in" (this is the BIGGEST reason people bail on meditation and the LEAST often address)

  • Provides a safe-r space for you to slowly engage at your own pace (meditation helps all, but the way it's taught has to meet you where you are - or it won't work)


In short, jumping right into meditation is awesome - for a select few.

Most of us need an onramp.

Get gritty with me.


❤️ You heard me ❤️


I created my Meditation Miracles, well, because you asked for it.

Meditation has been an instrumental tool in my toolbox.

And I heard your desire for me to step you through it.

So I created this course for you: a tool for relief.


You get:

  • Online access to the same tools I use every day

  • Super intimate 1:1 instruction

  • Easy step-by-step actions to take, now


In this course, I talk right to you.
From the most mundane places (like the airport, my desk, my car).

To assure you - you CAN do this anywhere.




Start to meditate today.


Join up in my Meditation Miracles and start implementing your practice to day.




🚧 Meditation Miracles an "open during construction" course. 🚧

I add steps as we go.

I evolve and shape before your eyes.


And what's more, your feedback as a student dictates what I add and enhance next.




Lifetime access.


Joining today gives you LIFETIME access to the course.

I'll never discount it under what you pay today.

I very well may increase the price - and you're grandparented in.

All the content from now on in Meditation Miracles


Freedom and peace are yours.

Join the Meditation Miracles course now.

You got this. I promise.




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