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Oriental Lotus

Confidently know what to say...and when to say it

Oriental Lotus

Easily answer any question that comes your way

Oriental Lotus

Discover how to tell if your child is ready to learn more

Sexuality, Spirituality & You: Parent Edition

Parent edition


Introductory price for new members coming soon


6 Week, Self-Study

Oriental Lotus

Answer burning questions such as: Is my child old enough? Or, Have I started too late?

About the Course

Reduce the worry and increase your peace of mind. Pulling in never-before-available-to-parents the necessary skills to have confident and comfortable conversations with their own kids at home. Rest assured you're raising strong, confident children who are well-equipped to make healthy decisions throughout their lifetimes.

Your Instructor

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Ashley is an award-winning collaborator, sought-after educator and creator of Catherine's Class: the first at-home sexuality course for busy parents on-the-go, equipping them with the skills they need to have conversations they crave.

Heck yeah, tell me when it's open.

Excellent decision!

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