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Spiritual      Bootcamp.

Unleash Your Inner Calm and Reset Your Soul.

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 Spiritual Bootcamp opens again in October 2023!

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Reduce your reactivity when you learn this two-word framework.
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So much buzz about Emotional Intelligence, yet no one does it quite like this. Tracey has been teaching professionals for years, and you'll benefit from her deep wisdom yet accessible style. You'll learn what EQ is, why it matters and well, if you even have it. This alone will change your life!

The one core skill you need to create better relationships - and how to improve it.

It all starts here. Listening to ourselves and to others changes how we think, act, behave and perceive the world. Ashley dubs this Holy Listening, or Wholly Listening, if that resonates more fully. However you interact with it, Listening to yourself and others is the core of freedom.

Practical strategies to reduce noise and increase calm.
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You'll leave with solid strategies that you can use in your day-to-day life to return to the wellspring of peace within you. We'll explore and practice them in the safety of community, while ensuring you know how to them home into your day-to-day life. At Gardner & Grace, we love a good "both and".

Leaf Pattern Design

Led by Tracey Wilkinson,
Co-creator, Facilitator and Core Faculty at Gardner & Grace.

Tracey has so many letters we can put behind her name - she holds a Master of Arts from Union Theological Seminary in New York, a master's in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, she is ordained through the Unitarian Universalist Association and is a Certified Clinical Pastoral Care Educator. She has worked in hospice, pastoral care, healthcare...and even finance and art. What we love most about Tracey is that through all of her expertise and knowledge, she is just so accessible. She helps draw out in the most unassuming ways all the things that are already within you. That's at the core of what we do at Gardner & Grace, and Tracey is leading the way.


Guided by Ashley Johnson, Founder & CEO at Gardner & Grace.

Our first ever Spiritual Bootcamp. Or as I like to say, Ready, Set, Reset! Leave energized, with a new found sense of peace and practical tools to keep you pruning, honing and coming back into what's inside you. I have the utmost gratitude for Tracey Wilkinson as she leads the way to bring you practical skills and deep learning to help you get in touch with the power within.

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