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3 gifts for you.

sacred text audio recordings

I know this to be true:


you have within you a light so bright, so powerful, it can never be extinguished.

In today's world, it's easy to get distracted with noise and nonsense cluttering our days. Hearing and reading sacred texts (from all religions) help calm and clear our minds.

Enjoy these 3 audio recordings as my gift. As you listen to the sound of my voice reading these sacred passages, you will be reassured - everything will be okay.

The Inner Ruler

Return home.

You are part of something bright, big and beautiful. Come back into your inner knowing as Ashley guides you through this meditation excerpted from the Isha Upanishad.

River of God

Wash it all away.

Wash away any belief that you are less than whole. Ashley speaks over you the truth that you are connected to something bigger using the words from the sacred Shvetashvata Upanishad's The River of God. All are welcome, any religion or faith tradition, or none. Your divine core is real. Hit play. Close your eyes. Let the words melt you as you're swept away into remembering.

Do not look with fear

Do not look with fear.

We've all experienced fear. And it usually has something to do with loss. The loss of status quo. The loss of what we "know to be true". The loss of a relationship, a loved one, a job. The loss of control.

Loss has a way of igniting fear and spiraling us out of the rhythm and comfort of our day-to-day. The pattern and ritual of our norm. Today, be reminded that you are not alone. There is something bigger and greater than you might imagine holding you.

This passage attributed to Saint Frances de Sales is one of my favorites and go-tos when I feel I've reached my limit. I've recorded it just for you. As a reminder - "Do Not Look with Fear". You got this. I promise. xo Ashley

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