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What every parent
(and parent-to-be)
needs to know.

The conversations are coming. Confidently navigate them.

Ashley has culled 20 years worth of tips and experience into the top 5 (and most surprising!) parenting techniques you can implement now.

Confidently navigate the conversations.
Even when you're uncomfortable

With 20 years experience in spiritual development work, here is what I wish every parent (and parent-to-be) knew:

The messages you send your children now will influence them for a lifetime

Messages of openness and love can teach self confidence and self assurance, equipping kids to make healthy decisions throughout their lives. Messages of criticism and shame can teach kids to hide - even from themselves - often resulting in disconnection.

What I know without a doubt to be true is this: messages about sexuality have an unbelievably outweighed impact on children's lives that reach far into adulthood.

Parents have such an important role in their children's sexuality education, but so many are unequipped.

Fear of what to say and when to say it get in the way. You can be a wealth of resources and support for your children (children-to-be). The sooner YOU feel confident and equipped, the better the conversations will be. Giving you peace of mind that your children will make healthy decisions throughout their lifetimes.

Hear me that it is possible to move past what is holding you back and it is possible get the peace of mind that your kids truly are going to be okay.

With just a few, simple techniques you can create a loving and affirming space.

From anxious to awesome

When learning to talk to your kids about important topics: start now.
Let's face it. We weren't taught how to talk to our kids easily and effectively talk about tricky topics with our kids. Yet these are some of the most precious and pressing conversations you'll ever have. Don't leave them to chance.
Learn the best (and most surprising) parenting techniques
guaranteed to boost your confidence...even if (when!) you are uncomfortable
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Katie, mom of 2

I use the technique you gave  All. The. Time. Not just answering difficult questions about sexuality, but any question my kids have (and they are endless). This was a life saver.

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John, dad of teenager

I was lucky enough to have you share one of these tips with me when my (now teenager) was young. It was a game changer. I can't tell you how many people I have shared this with. I am so grateful I learned this when I did.

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Jackie, mom of preteen

PREACH! These are such good reminders.

The conversations are coming. Confidently navigate them.

even when you're uncomfortable
Boost your confidence and gain greater peace of mind with these 5 surprising parenting techniques

From over two decades of teaching and children, youth and adults, Ashley created the top 5 (and most surprising!) parenting techniques you can implement now.

Welcome home.

Ashley is a coach, train-the-trainer and advocate for children and youth.


Early in her career she was introduced to the comprehensive sexuality education curriculum Our Whole Lives. Here, she discovered the powerful intersection of sexuality, spirituality and shame - and how creating spaces to talk confidently and comfortably about the subject positively changed people’s lives.


Over two decades, she has guided adults to talk about tricky topics in more healthy ways. In the process, enabling them to come more fully into relationship with their divine core. From there, they are able to be in better relationships with others, their children, and send more positive messages about sexuality.


Ashley is a credentialed Unitarian Universalist Religious Educator, adjunct faculty at Iliff Seminary, and trained in Spiritual Transformation in children and youth by Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley. She currently trains adults nationally, having positively impacted conversations with over 50,000 youth. She is now bringing her work where it is needed most - to parents at home!

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