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From anxious to awesome

      Conversations about sexuality and gender with your kids don't have to be tough. You just have to be taught how.

The conversations are coming. Confidently navigate them.

even when you're uncomfortable
Boost your confidence and gain greater peace of mind with these 5 surprising parenting techniques

From over two decades of teaching and children, youth and adults about sexuality education, Ashley created the top 5 (and most surprising!) parenting techniques you can implement now.

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Katie, mom of 2

I use the technique you gave  All. The. Time. Not just answering difficult questions about sexuality, but any question my kids have (and they are endless). This was a life saver.

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John, dad of teenager

I was lucky enough to have you share one of these tips with me when my (now teenager) was young. It was a game changer. I can't tell you how many people I have shared this with. I am so grateful I learned it when she was little.

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Jackie, mom of preteen

PREACH! These are such good reminders.

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