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Hey Parents
You're ready for greater peace of mind.

It's time to ditch your stress about talking about sex.
Let me help.

"Ashley helped me feel empowered and encouraged to lead these conversations while granting myself grace to learn."

- May 2023 class participant

Sweet soul,


The truth is that the messages you send about sexuality and gender are some of the most important messages you'll ever transmit.


The power that lies in your voice, your touch, the look in your eyes - they all have the ability to love and affirm or shame and push away.


Yet you're not equipped to have confident conversations that lead to:

  • connection

  • openness

  • honesty

  • safety

  • joy


Until now.

After 20 years leading sexuality education courses and training teachers, I created a simple, easy-to-digest course for parents just like you.

Give me 6 days and I'll:

  • reduce your worry.

  • increase your peace of mind.

  • equip you to have confident and comfortable conversations with your kids. At home. On your terms.


You'll learn:

  • 10 essential skills that every parent needs to know.

  • 5 top mistakes I see parents make (and how to avoid them).

  • How to answer super difficult questions, with confidence and ease.


After this, you can rest assured you're raising strong, confident children who are well-equipped to make healthy decisions throughout their lifetime. No matter their age now.

You got this. I promise.

This course will help.

All my belief in you,


Heck yeah. Email me when the course opens.

Thanks for submitting!

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